We do very thorough pre-purchase inspections on used cars. We check for collision damage, body work, rust, body and frame rot as well as checking the mechanical condition of the vehicle.

A sample pre-purchase inspection usually includes:

A road test of the vehicle, check the battery, starter, alternator, lights, wipers, brakes, suspension, exhaust system, cooling system, A/C & heat systems, belts, clutch & transmission. The underside is inspected for body damage & rust. The car is checked for fluid leaks. Tire condition and car interior are inspected.

A computerized engine analyzer is used to check engine condition and emissions.

In addition, we check for a spare tire with tool kit.

** Please Note: We do NOT dismantle any systems of the vehicle for this inspection**

When buying a second hand car, you should be sure to check ALL of the keys in all of the locks, check all radio functions including Tape and CD players, get the radio codes as needed, locate the owner's manual, and have the owner demonstrate all alarm function, valet codes, kill switches, etc.